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Philip Powell is an amazingly spirited young man who loves to bring smiles to the faces of all those he meets. In his good-natured, teasing way, he tends to make long-lasting impressions. He has a deeply compassionate nature, a playfulness balanced with tenderness. He also has Down syndrome.

Though he has always enjoyed doing artwork, Philip's decision to pursue it in earnest was spawned by a very dear family friend, Becky McCutchen, who became ill with Leukemia. Wanting to lift her spirits he painted her his first angel, believing them to be creatures who "are good, and fly, and help you if you have a problem." Deeply touched by his efforts and seeing his potential, Becky strongly urged him to make use of his talents. With that encouragement, he decided to devote his energy to continue painting angels in hopes that his artistic expression will both delight and uplift others.

Special thanks to Philip's wonderful godmother, Beth Watkins, who supports him in his efforts by finding ways to exhibit and promote his art. For more information, she can be contacted at: (803)738-9292 or


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